Managed Services

Managed Services

Running a business is hard enough.  You shouldn't have to worry about managing systems that you have onsite or dealing with your cloud vendors.  We can handle this for you!  We do everything remotely from our offices near Downtown Detroit, MI.   If a problem needs onsite attention, we can deploy a technician to you.  Most importantly, we do this for an affordable fee starting at $899 per month.

Let's Define Managed Services

Managed Services really means that we monitor your systems and fix issues before the issues impact your business.  We don't bother you with the details unless there  is a major issue that would immediately impact the business.  For example, if the hard drive on your on-premise server or cloud server becomes 80% full we will automatically start cleaning up disk space on the drive.  Likewise, if your server fails for some reason, we will know immediately and we will contact you and attempt to bring the server back up ASAP.

Detroit Based
24/7 Monitoring

Getting Started

We understand that trusting a new company with your network and computer systems is a big deal.  Our most successful customers has followed this approach:

  • Meet with us to discuss your business objectives - it's important that we align to your business goals
  • Speak with existing customers to see how we work with them
  • Purchase our Managed Services Package
  • We deploy our agents onto your servers and start monitoring your servers
  • After a month or two we will review the data we captured and we will provide recommendations on how to improve your systems
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