IT Services

We provide IT Services with a focus on Detroit and the surrounding Metro Detroit area.  Services range from emergency help to developing a strategic plan on how to increase revenue or lower expenses by leveraging technology.  Below are a list of some the areas that we get engaged in:

Migrating to the Cloud – Many of our customers are at a point where they need to make a decision to purchase a new server or migrate services to the Cloud.  We believe a hybrid approach is sometimes the best approach.  This means, that some services would be migrated to the Cloud and some other services would continue to operate using a local server.

Managed Services (aka. we manage your system for you) – We believe that companies should focus on their core competency and should outsource non-core tasks.  Some may say that technology is core to their business, but we would argue that low level technology related items such as upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 or creating a new user account for a new employee will help grow the company.

Phone System Migration – Who uses the phone anymore?  A lot of people!  So, we can help your select a phone system that would increase your customer satisfaction.  For example, we can integrate your phone system with your order tracking system so that order status  information could be available to customers 24/7.