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Cloud Migration Services

Running a business is hard enough.  You have read or heard that moving your core computing systems to the cloud is very cost effective.  Let us help you validate this and develop a migration plan for moving to the cloud.  We are located in Detroit within the Midtown District.  

Let's Define Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing simply means that the computer is running somewhere else.  The somewhere else is typically Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.  The main reasons companies are making a shift to cloud computing are cost and agility.  The cost to manage and maintenance hardware overtime makes cloud computing attractive in many cases, but not all.  In regards to agility, you can scale up your compute power by simply pressing a button versus having to purchase new hardware and migrate all of your services over to the new server.  

Detroit Based
20 year experience

Getting Started

We understand that trusting a new company with your network and computer systems is a big deal.  Our most successful customers has followed this approach:

  • Meet with us to discuss your business objectives - it's important that we align to your business goals
  • Speak with existing customers to see how we work with them
  • Start Small - let's pick a system or application and let's move it to the cloud
  • Test the migrated system
  • If happy, let's migrate and move more systems.
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