IT Support for Charter Schools

Our Approach

We focus on delivering IT Services to Charter Schools using a continuous improvement model, which is much different then most IT companies. Most IT companies simply just fix what’s broken and will continue to fix issues without thinking how they can develop a solution that would eliminate the issues longterm. The main reason they will not do this is because they make money each time they have to fix the same problem. This is not our approach…we live and work within the City of Detroit so we know value of each dollar. We rather develop a long-term solution and have the remaining monies redirected back to the students.

Validate the value of your IT Vendor

continuous_improvementDo you think your existing IT company operates in a break-fix model?
The best way to figure this out
is to review your bills for the last couple of months
to see if you see the same or similar issues being billed
multiple times.   You can also survey your teachers
to see if they repeatedly complain about the same issues.  If so, this is a good indication that your IT Vendor doesn’t look at you as strategic partner, but simply a monthly cash register.

Engage Us

We understand most IT companies is under some level of contract for the school year.  So, you can’t just simply change IT vendors.  However, we can help you maximize your IT budget by having us validate/review large IT purchases or to develop a strategy for teachers and staff to engage technical support when needed.

Replacing Your Existing IT Vendor With Us

When you leverage our team for technical support you get the following systems without additional cost:

  • Ticket System – This would allow all administrative and teaching staff to request technical support by entering a ticket using our web based system.  This will provide a central place to capture all technical problems, which enables you to generate comprehensive reports.
  • Asset Management System – We provide your charter school or set of charter schools with web based managed software for managing physical hardware devices.  This will enable the organization to quickly understand how many devices are assigned to a teacher or how many devices are located at a particular building.
  • School Lockdown Notification System –  If you leverage the phone system provided by our sister organization (detroitPBX) we can integrate a Lockdown Notification System (LNS) with the system.  This will enable teachers to dial 3 digits which will cause the  LNS to be triggered.  The system will first contact the police and at the same time the system will send an automated message stating the school is in lockdown mode via the paging system built into each phone.