Flyball Labs is focused on building innovative software solutions that includes web and mobile applications. Our mission is to “Build Great Software” that gives companies a competitive advantage or allows them to create new revenue streams. We focus on having diverse teams, which we believe creates better software.

Detroit PBX provides business class phone service to companies at a fixed rate. The service is based on VoIP. Your company can have staff at one location or spread across multiple locations throughout the world. In either case, our phone system can support your needs. We have built the system to cater to entrepreneurs that […]

Delivers enterprise grade support for open source software. The brand was created in 2011 and has over 400 customers. 70% of the revenue comes from supporting VoIP open source software such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch and Kamailio for carriers. The other 30% comes from Linux, MySQL and support for container based software such as Docker and […]